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With common bash commands. Since you said that rename is not installed on your system, here's a solution that uses more standard Bash: for file in *.txt; do mv $file ${file%.txt}_1.txt done Explanation: We loop over all files Are you looking for a pure bash solution? There are many approaches, but here's one. for file in *_h.png ; do mv $file ${file%%_h.png}_half.png ; done This presumes that the only files in the current directory that end in _h.png are the ones you want to rename. Much more specificall Anyone can easily rename a file by using the graphical user interface (GUI). You can also rename a file by using a command in bash script. Many commands exist in Linux to rename a filename. The command 'mv' is the most popular command for renaming a file. There is another command called 'rename' that can also be used for the same task. However, this command is not installed on Ubuntu by default, so you will have to install this command to rename a file. This article explains how to. Secondly: In the terminal,cd to the directory containing your files. Finally: Rename the files to your desired format by running the following command in the terminal: rename 's/^(.+)\.(.+)\.(.+)\.(.+)\.(.+)\.mp4$/$1$2.mp4/' * Don

The mv command can rename only one file at a time, but it can be used in conjunction with other commands such as find or inside bash for or while loops to rename multiple files. The following example shows how to use the Bash for loop to rename all .html files in the current directory by changing the .html extension to .php Rename file extensions for all files under current directory and sub directories without any other packages (only use shell script): Create a shell script rename.sh under current directory with the following code: #!/bin/bash for file in $(find . -name *$1); do mv $file ${file%$1}$2 done Run it by ./rename.sh .old .new. Eg The above command will rename the file name TESTA.txt to TESTB.txt. You need to be located at the CMD on the folder where the file is. If the TESTA.txt file is not located in your current directory, you must specify the path to the file as a prefix to the file name Rename Multiple Directories using Bash As described in our previous tutorials, the Bash scripting language can also be used in order to rename multiple directories on your filesystem. To rename multiple directories on Linux, create a new script file and use the mv command in a for loop to iterate over directories To rename a file or directory in bash, use the mv command. The third word on the mv command line must end in the new filename. Hence, the syntax is a follows to renames the file cakeday.png to birthday.png: mv cakeday.png birthday.png

You can use rename utility to rename multiple files by a pattern. For example following command will prepend string MyVacation2011_ to all the files with jpg extension. rename 's/^/MyVacation2011_/g' *.jpg or. rename <pattern> <replacement> <file-list> Browse to the folder with the files to rename. Click the View tab. Select the Details view Rename Files. Ever since the earliest DOS versions the RENAME and its twin (or alias?) REN have been around to allow us to change file names: REN or RENAME Renames a file or files. RENAME [drive:][path]filename1 filename2. REN [drive:][path]filename1 filename2. Note that you cannot specify a new drive or path for your destination file Copy all the files which you want to rename, in a single folder. Highlight each file which you want to rename. Press Ctrl+A to highlight them all, if not, then press and hold Ctrl and click on each file you want to highlight The image renaming example at the beginning of this page can be now be solved. In the following code blocks, the command after the $ character is what I typed into the Bash prompt. First, I can list the files in the directory: $ ls -1 IMG_* IMG_2378.JPG IMG_2379.JPG IMG_2380.JPG. Next, I can modify the batch renaming command for this renaming job

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We show you how to rename a file in Windows 10 using File Explorer, PowerShell, and Command Prompt, as well as how to batch rename files, if you wish to know how to rename multiple files at once Assuming we need to find all files located under C:temp (including all subfolders) with current in the name and rename them using old in place of current, here are the steps. Open Windows PowerShell. Navigate to C:temp. Run the following Windows PowerShell command How to rename multiple folders in Linux To rename multiple folders, one can use rename command from MariaDB/MySQL or Linux utilities package. Another option is to use the bash for loop. Linux rename multiple folders using rename comman Batch file renaming utility for Windows. Download now! Version 3.87, October 13. 2020. Advanced Renamer is a program for renaming multiple files and folders at once. By configuring renaming methods the names can be manipulated in various ways. It is easy to set up a batch job using multiple methods on a large amount of files. The 14 different methods enables you to change the names, attributes.

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  2. By defining the variable name %%j and associating it with all current files (*.*), we can use the variable in a for loop to represent each file in the current directory. Every iteration (or pass) through the loop thereby processes a different file from the defined group (which might equally have been any group, e.g. *.jpg or *.txt )
  3. Quickly rename multiple files & folders and tag your music library! Keeping track of all your music, images, videos and other files will quickly become a chore unless you carefully manage the file names. Now you can save time and get better file names in a matter of seconds. With File Renamer Turbo, you can easily rename multiple files in one batch. You can also rename files with just two.
  4. #! /bin/bash cd $1; rename 's/$/\.bu/' * This will change working directory to the first parameter and then add a .bu extension to all files. This nullifies the need of for loop. EDIT: If you want to change the extension(instead of just adding it), you can try. rename 's/\..*$/\.bu/' * command instead, in the above script

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  1. Bash - Recursive directory/file rename. I have the following script, that will replace all spaces in files and directories recursively: ################### SETUP VARIABLES ####################### number=0 # Number of renamed. number_not=0 # Number of not renamed
  2. g the files will conflict with the pre-existing file (s) in the same directory. If you want to overwrite the old file (s) with the new one, then add the -f argument to rename. $ rename -f -v 'y/a-z/A-Z/' * .txt
  3. g a file. In order to rename a file in Linux you can use either of two approaches. 1. Create a copy of the existing file with the new desired name and then delete the old file. 2. Rename the file by moving it with the mv command. Lets take up some examples one by one: Rename with copy and delete $ cp oldfile newfil
  4. -type f means only look for files, not directories -name '*_one.txt' means means only match filenames that end in _one.txt In this answer, I'm using the rename command instead of mv. rename uses a Perl regular expression to rename each file. The backslashes after -type and -name are the bash line-continuation character
  5. g doc to txt... The rename command is sed-like in searching. Obviously this won't do anything to convert the format

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  1. In zsh, run the following command once (put them in your ~/.zshrc for the future): autoload -U zmv # you don't need the following two now, but put them also in your .zshrc alias zcp='zmv -C' alias zln='zmv -L'. You can then run zmv to rename files according to a pattern
  2. g the name of the script is change-ext)
  3. g a file. There is another command called 'rename' that can also be used for the same task. However, this command is not installed on Ubuntu by default, so you will have to install this command to rename a file. This article.
  4. Use the CD and Dir command to navigate to the location of the file or folder you wan to rename. Use Ren command to rename or change the extensions of your files and folders. If the name of your file or folders contains a space within it you need to surround it in quotes
  5. Batch Rename Files in Folder. Ask Question Asked 6 years, 4 months ago. Active 6 years, 4 months ago. Viewed 876 times 10. 2. How can I strip out some text from filenames in a folder? I'm currently attempting: rename s/NEWER_(.*?)//g * But nothing it getting renamed. I have a parent folder, with a bunch of sub-folders, within are files, that OneDrive thought would be a great idea to append a.
  6. g folders, Batch Script provides the REN or RENAME command
  7. g files, Batch Script provides the REN or RENAME command. Syntax RENAME [drive:][path][directoryname1 | filename1] [directoryname2 | filename2] Let's take a look at some examples of rena

The main drawback of this kind of naming is that you have to reorder the files manually (see pic below). As an alternative I thought: why don't I just rename the files padding the names with zeros to guarantee the 'right' ordering up to hundreds of files such that 1.pdf --> 001.pdf, 10.pdf --> 010.pdf etc.. To batch rename files, just select all the files you want to rename, press the F2 (alternatively, right-click and select rename), then enter the name you want on the first file. Press Enter to change the names for all other selected files Recursively batch rename file extensions If you want to rename files from one extension to another, recursively in all sub folders, then you can use the below command. forfiles /S /M *.ext1 /C cmd /c rename @file @fname.ext2 For example, if you want to rename all xml files to txt files, the command would be as belo How to rename multiple folders in Linux. To rename multiple folders, one can use rename command from MariaDB/MySQL or Linux utilities package. Another option is to use the bash for loop. Linux rename multiple folders using rename command. The syntax is: rename expression replacement file. rename command examples. Let us see some examples

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The ren command (short for rename) provides a simple way to rename one or more files using the Command Prompt. The asterisk (*) in the example above serves as a wildcard character, which is used to rename all files ending in .txt Rename Multiple Files or Folders Using Bash Script. To create a bash script, you need to work in a plain text editor.Let's say we had several HTML files that we accidentally saved as plain text files. We need to change the file extension from .txt to .html

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  1. al (bash shell prompt) and type the following command to list file names
  2. g and Scripting sed to rename files in bash loop # 1 03-20-2017 cmccabe. Registered User. 1,393, 20. Join Date: Nov 2013. Last Activity: 1 May 2020, 2:35 PM EDT . Location: Chicago. Posts: 1,393 Thanks Given: 901. Thanked 20 Times in 19 Posts sed to rename files in bash loop. I am trying to use sed to rename all .txt files in /home/cmccabe/test. However, I am getting.
  3. g a doc file 'mydocument.docx' to 'mydocument.pdf' does not make the file readable in Acrobat Reader. More Reading. Rename file extensions in batch from.
  4. d-numbing array of options displayed below
  5. It may not be this easy for you, as I am working with a simplified model where all files are in a single folder called rename on the desktop, but it is a start point for your testing (work on copies of the original files). Step 1: Backup the original/old filename to the XMP:PreservedFilename tag as detailed in the links in my earlier post
  6. Bash. Copy mv existing.html new.html $ mv existing.html new.html. The general syntax for the command is: Out. Copy mv <existing filename> <new filename> mv <existing filename> <new filename> Move To New Directory. As its name implies, the command also allows you to move a file from one directory to another. For example, if we have a file in directory /var/www/html/ called existing.html that we.

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Batch Renaming Your Files in a Few Clicks. Today, our computers and laptops include built-in features and tools designed to help us out. Imagine having to rename a load of files one by one Bulk Rename Utility is a free batch file renamer software for non-commercial use. It lets you rename multiple files simultaneously, and in the blink of an eye. Just import a folder or files you want to rename and use numerous options provided. The options are as follows Mass renaming files is no possible with the standard linux command mv, but it's possible to achieve this goal in many different ways, from some bash magic, to programs that do exactly this, in this article I'll work with both the terminal and with graphical tools. First example, you have these files: myconf.sh myfile This tip is great if you for example want to batch rename all .mkv files to .mp4 files (please backup your files before testing any of these methods, just in case). If you want to rename files from one extension to another, recursively in all sub folders, then you can use this command in Windows Command Prompt: forfiles /S /M *.ext1 /C cmd /c rename @file @fname.ext2 So for example, if. Steps to rename multiple files using IrfanView. i. Open IrfanView and go to File > Batch Conversion/Rename. [Alternatively, you can hit the b button.] ii. In the new dialog box, select Batch.

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Rename Directory With Spaces. The syntax is as follows: Syntax # 1 - Using single quotes. Enclosing directory name in single quotes ('dir name') preserves the literal value of directory name within the quotes: mv 'old name here' 'new dir name here' Open the Terminal and type the following command to rename My Personal Files to Files You can batch rename files under the same folder either in File Explorer or using Command Prompt or PowerShell. Batch Rename Files in File Explorer. To rename multiple files in Windows 10, it should be the easiest way to use File Explorer. With File Explorer, you can rename a bunch of files in the same folder with totally different names or names with the same structure. Here are the detailed. It helps a user in batch renaming files using simple substitutions. The below-mentioned command renames five image files using the Linux terminal. We've already created the files on our test system. Make sure to run this command with caution since it may rename other files present in your working directory. rename.ul file photos *.png. This command renames the image file1.png to photos1.png. Rename File Extensions Using Command Prompt. Rename all file extensions in a folder; To rename all file extension in a folder we can just use the rename command. For example, say you have a folder with 100s of jpeg files, and you want to rename them to .jpg. You can do that with this command: rename *.jpeg *.jpg. And you're done. This command.

Step 4: Choose A Destination Folder. This opens the Batch Rename dialog box. The first thing we need to consider when renaming our files is where we're going to place the renamed images, and the Destination Folder section near the top of the dialog box gives us three choices. By default, the first option in the list, Rename in same folder, is selected, and this means we'll simply be renaming. Windows Commands, Batch files, Command prompt and PowerShell. Rename directory from command line. by Srini. In Renaming files from command line we saw how to rename files using Rename command. We can use Rename command to rename directories too. See the syntax below. Rename dir_oldname dir_newname. Example: G:\data>mkdir dir1 G:\data>dir /b dir1 G:\data>rename dir1 dir2 G:\data>dir /b dir2 G. While you can easily batch name files or folders in Windows by selecting them all and then pressing the F2 key on your keyboard. By doing this, a number of files and folders will be automatically added to make the name special. However, you need a lot more control on in what way you want to rename your files in batch. For example, you may want to add a few words at the end or start of the file.

This batch file will run the rename command twice, for 2 different file name pattern. After you created it, save it with .bat as file extension. When you save from notepad, use double quote () like below. When you need to rename files in a folder, just copy this batch file to the folder. Double click to execute the commands. Conclusion . Not every problem can be solved from within AutoCAD. Batch Rename Files Using File Explorer. Although Windows does not contain any tool to bulk rename your files, it is still possible to accomplish this using the File Explorer. However, please remember that this method will only be helpful if you want to remove spaces and rename files with the exact name. Simply use the left mouse button + Ctrl key on the keyboard if you want to rename selected. You can easily rename all the files in a folder sequentially and clean up your computer. I hope you found this tutorial to be helpful. Please subscribe to our newsletter to receive more tips to help you improve your organization and productivity. More Digital Organization Articles You Might Enjoy. How to Batch Rename Files in a Folder on a Ma Use File Explorer To Batch Rename Files In Windows 10. If you're only looking to basic rename files on your machine, you don't need to install any apps. The built-in rename feature helps bulk rename files as well and you can use it from the context menu. Put all the files that you want to give a new name in a single folder To rename files and folders, you need to use the REN (Rename) command. Because you cannot have a file and directory of the same name, you won't need to worry about mistakenly renaming a file instead of a directory. The only exception is if you're using wild characters. To rename a folder in the command line, type the following command

List all file names from a specific folder in worksheet with kutools for Excel. If there are multiple files that you want to rename, first, you can list the old file names in a column of worksheet, and then enter the new filenames that you want to replace with In Linux, the renaming process of a folder or directory is not done with a traditional rename command; instead it is done through the 'mv' command. The 'mv' command is a multi-purpose command. It is not just limited to move files and directories, but it can also be used for renaming the files and directories

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Batch renaming is undeniably useful, whether used to make many files have more descriptive file names, or even to reduce long file names to shorter ones. There are a myriad of purposes for bulk renaming functions, and for those who make heavy usage of the file system, you'll likely find yourself using this feature very often I would like to rename a folder with a bat file. C:\Folder to C:\SpecialFolder Is there a way to do that. wahlroot, #1. 2007/11/19. noahdfear Inactive. Joined: 2003/04/06 Messages: 12,178 Likes Received: 15. ren c:\Folder C:\SpecialFolder Dave Microsoft MVP - Internet Explorer 2006-2007-2008-2009 . noahdfear, #2. Log in or Sign up to hide this advert. 2007/11/20. WhitPhil Inactive. Joined. Add files, directories, and even folders for batch renaming. Utilize 10+ Rename rules. Rename Files, Photos & Songs Very Easily. Download Now A Simple Bash Function To Rename Files Without Typing Full Name Twice Here, the bash function name is mv. You can choose any other different name of your liking. Save and close the file Bash Script - batch rename files in current directory with preview. Ask Question Asked 3 years, 9 months ago. Active 3 years, 9 months ago. Viewed 135 times 4 \$\begingroup\$ I have written the following script to automate my frequent usage of rename. This saves me from always typing the whole command to the command line as well as doing a dry run with -n for testing before applying the.

if you aren't familiar with Bash's Parameter Expansion (i.e. ${filename// /_}) you could use the rename command: if ((0)); then mv -v ${filename} ${filename// /_} else rename ' ' '_' ${filename} f I have to rename multiple files in directory by removing first 5 characters for each filename. How can I do this i bash/shell? I'm using Ubuntu 11.10. Thanks. bash rename. Share. Improve this question. Follow asked Dec 29 '11 at 17:59. wlk wlk. 1,513 2 2 gold badges 13 13 silver badges 18 18 bronze badges. Add a comment | 5 Answers Active Oldest Votes. 13. A simple for loop with a bit of sed. Renaming multiple files inside a folder using Windows batch commands. This is taking the post located here and spinning things up a bit. As typical, I'm trying to rename several images inside a folder to be the name of the folder they're in and then add the suffix photo1, photo2 etc

With bash commands you can do almost anything in many different ways, so I'll just show 1 simple way to rename multiple files using the standard mv command. for i in * .sh; do mv $i ` basename $i sh ` sh.bak; don bash script? how to rename files in random way? I have a lot of photos that I need to put into a random-order slideshow. Easiest would be to just drag-and-drop the whole lot. Is there any way to scan a directory and batch-rename a group of files into random names, but keeping the extension? (.jpg in this case) 05-10-2006, 09:19 PM #2: jlinkels. LQ Guru . Registered: Oct 2003. Location: Bonaire. In my folder I sort the files by name which means that I have, in order, the pictures of the 1 > the 2 > and the 3, named 5.jpg > 6.jpg > 8.jpg I wish to rename those files as follow : - Picture of the 1 = abc_00010 - Picture of the 2 = abc_00020 - Picture of the 3 = abc_00030 Is there a way to do that with a simple command pront ? Bascily I would need to have the. Batch files 4: How to change / rename the filename or file extension of multiple files at onceBatch files part 5: http://youtu.be/xFb_8-4UaakFollow me on oth.. Right-click or press-and-hold on any of them, and then click or tap Rename from the contextual menu. Select the files and press Rename to modify their names. Enter the new name for your files to have them instantly renamed with your choice. A number is added in brackets to help you differentiate between them

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To rename a file or folder, you can use the following command—if you're renaming a folder, just omit the file extension: ren current_filename.ext new_filename.ext Although the quotes aren't mandatory, they're required if either of the current or new names has a space in them. For example, to rename the file Home Movies.ogv to First Birthday.ogv you would use the. ExifTool. ExifTool is a program by Phil Harvey (exiftool.org) distributed with Advanced Renamer to create support for more file formats like raw camera files, documents, zip files etc. ExifTool supports both more formats and more tags which can be used to mass rename files through Advanced Renamer.Tag values can get investigated by selecting a file and clicking the ExifTool button in the.

The first thing you want to do, is use Finder to open the folder that contains all the files that you want to rename. Drag your cursor over these files to highlight them. Next, click on the settings icon at the top of your Finder window Batch rename multiple photos and files at once with Bulk Rename Utility. We walk you through the interface and different feature 1] Rename using File Explorer. When you are planning on changing the names of multiple files on the same folder, Windows Explorer can prove to be an essential aid for the process. But before going to the batch renaming process, you need to know about the basics. While on Windows Explorer, you can either use your mouse or your keyboard to change.

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Dies lässt sich prinzipiell auch direkt im Namen erkennen: rename (umbenennen) dient der Umbenennung von Dateien, mv (verschieben) kann daneben auch Dateien von Verzeichnis nach Verzeichnis verschieben. rename ist im Vergleich zu mv ein einfacher Weg, eine große Anzahl von Dateien eines Ordners umzubenennen. Ansonsten ist die Funktionalität von rename nur über zahllose einzelne mv-Befehle im Terminal oder über ein Bash-Skript zu erreichen. rename hat jedoch auch klare Grenzen. Nicht. Head to the folder containing the files you wish to rename. Order the files how you wish to rename them. Press CTRL + A to select all the files in the folder, then right-click and select Rename. Input your new file name, and press Enter The rename command is used to rename multiple or group of files, rename files to lowercase, rename files to uppercase and overwrite files using perl expressions. The rename command is a part of Perl script and it resides under /usr/bin/ on many Linux distributions How to batch rename files Navigate to the folder location which contains the files you want to remain. Right click on the folders, and select the rename command. Now, change the names of the folders to whatever you want, and Windows will automatically compensate by adding in (1) and (2) where necessary

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First, locate the files that you want to rename in File Explorer or on the desktop and select them. Then right-click the files and select PowerRename from the menu that appears. The PowerRename window will open. This is where the magic happens The file is then copied to the specified folder. 4. How to move or rename files on your Windows 10 PC, with Bash on Ubuntu, using the MV command . Moving or renaming files with Bash is similar to copying files. The command you need to run for this purpose has the following syntax: mv [source] [destination], where [source] is the path to the file that's moved or renamed and [destination] is the. You can also rename a file while simultaneously moving it from one directory to another. If, in the previous example, you want to rename the file to new.html in the move to /home/ubuntu/, you can just specify the new filename in the second argument to the command: Bash. Copy

How to Batch Rename Files on Mac with the Rename Finder Item Function of Mac OS X Select the files in the Finder of Mac OS that you wish to batch rename Right-click (or Control+Click) on the selected files and choose Rename X Items where X is the number of files selecte If a machine wrote these files and each and every one one is formatted exactly alike (ending in 9 characters of underscore + date in your example), you might be able to get along with an ordinary batch file. Note this batch is written to run from the folder containing the files you want to rename. If you want to run it from somewhere else, adjust accordingly

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A prerequisite for renaming multiple files (i.e., a batch) using a VBA procedure is to put them all together in one place. In the example below, the place used is: C:\Batch Folder Note: You can create a similar folder on your PC or change the path defined in the VBA procedure to match and existing folder on your PC Step-by-step to batch rename files or folders using Bulk Rename Utility. Download & Run Bulk Rename Utility. Download Bulk Rename Utility on download section. In this example, I use No-Installer version so I can use the utility without install it. Extract the downloaded file BRU_NoInstall.zip and open the folder 32-bit. Double-click on Bulk Rename Utility.exe to run the. Batch renaming is a form of batch processing used to rename multiple computer files and folders in an automated fashion, in order to save time and reduce the amount of work involved. Some sort of software is required to do this. Such software can be more or less advanced, but most have the same basic functions. Batch renaming can also be referred to as 'mass file renaming', rename 'en masse.

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A simple way to rename files and folders is with the mv command (shortened from move). Its primary purpose is moving files and folders, but it can also rename them, since the act of renaming a file is interpreted by the filesystem as moving it from one name to another. The following syntax is used to rename files with mv All you have to do is three things: first, pick the folder where the files are located, then set the current and replacement extension and then just press the Go button. The only option is if you want to include sub-directories or not

Select all the files you wish to rename (use Shift or Ctrl to select multiple files). In this case we'll select all the files. Right-click on the first file in the list and select Rename from the context menu. Type a new name for the file, followed by the number 1 in parentheses, then hit Enter batch file to rename files I need a windows CLI batch file that will allow me to define a root folder. once the root folder is defined, the batch file will loop through all directories in the root, and rename the FILES to be the same name as the PARENT folder. this should work recursively, should have the ability to define the root folder (which all files within subfolders will be renamed There are a few different methods of how this can be done. The example below shows how you can use the date command in the for command to extract the current date and use that data to rename the file. Each of the for commands listed in this page would be placed into a batch file.. Dat It then renames/moves the file with its new file name. Note that AutoHotkey doesn't have a FileRename command, per se, but instead provides a FileMove command, which serves a dual purpose - it, in essence, does a file rename when the source and destination folders are the same, but does a file move when they are different. Code snippet: remove In this tutorial, we are going to show you how you can batch-rename files and also a quick method to give a unique name to each file, and maybe the easiest one is to use a dedicated app Advertising. Method #1: Use a Dedicated app to Batch Rename Files. Some apps offer powerful features to rename files. They get the job done for a wide variety of renaming tasks, but the number of options can.

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Select all the files in a folder (make sure they're all of the same kind, or this won't work), bring up the Rename Finder Items panel in the same way as before, but this time select Replace Text. Select the target files and choose File > Rename Items. Choose Replace Text from the pop-up menu and type Monthly Report for (including a trailing space) in the Find field. Leave Replace With blank, and click Rename. The files are now named with only the month

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In an attempt to streamline workflow, I am trying to batch rename multiple PDF's using an action that would re-name the file based on it's page number. I know the pages can have suffixes added before or after parts of a file name, but, this does not help me- I need to find a way to run an action that specifically re-names pages in a sort of Find and replace manner, or, page #=specific First thing is to get a list of all the files you want to rename. Start by opening the command prompt by clicking Start then typing cmd (in XP, hit run and then type cmd). This will open up the command prompt. Then we need to change the current directory to the one we want. An easy way of doing this is to open the folder and copy the location You can also set a renaming syntax for how the files should be renamed. If your file renaming needs are much more simple, i.e., you just want to rename all files in one folder to something more meaningful, you don't need an app. Windows has you covered with a fairly intelligent renaming logic built into the rename function. Here's how it works Select all > files in the folder, leaving the cursor in the file you want to be the > first,click right mouse button, select rename and enter the common > characters you want for all the files, then click enter and you end up > with a series of files with the common name (or number) name and a serial > numeral in parenthesis I have succeeded to rename all files in a folder tree like this and to get them reconnected, but I suspect this will become tricky with a big folder tree. How did you manage to reconnect the renamed files? I renamed photos already in the catalog, from Canon format IMG_xxx.jpg to YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS IMG_xxx.jpg and Elements could not reconnect, even though it was a single folder with 6 items and.

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